What are the different Software Tools helpful to manage the Business Process?

For automating the business process many tools are available. It is also known as CRM. A management tool to focus on analyzing and improve a company’s relation with its customers. BPM enables an organization to be more effective and efficient. It is a disciplined approach. Involves combination of execution, control modeling and measurement by optimizing the business strategies.


The big firms contains a huge amount of data which is required to be processed in a well behaved manner. For managing this business process many software are introduced with a customer relationship management tool. Let’s discuss briefly about them;

BPM Online-

It was the topmost tool used inside a BPM software. This software is one of the unrestricted cloud solutions that lets you change CRM routes on the fly. It gives one of the best platforms to customers. This software provides the business process management tools. This can let your network up the data and breed insights.


It scores 8.7 out of 10 in a running scenario of all the software’s. It was developed by the most successful software company in the world. It has the agility to match your marketing, service scenario and unique sales. By the use of it the user can give more accurate answer to suppliers and clients. It helps to take more timely decisions and perform better actions.

Mind body-

It acts as a practical business process management system. It has a right target in a place for a right target user. It is an only accounting tool used for a small operation system. For booking and rescheduling it can be set for confirmation alert and reminders. It also have a wonderful feature of reporting which lets you track the sales and inventory.


This software is purposely used to track the time tracking issue. It targets both enterprise and small business. This software is highly appreciated by the customers. It has also won many prizes. Ex. ‘Best Customer Satisfaction of the year Program’, ‘Bronze Stevie Award for customer’. It is basically strong in 4 key areas- compliance, integration, configuration and implementation.


It helps the startup and growing subscription business to expand their subscriber list. It includes visibility to track down the individual list for resolving any issue. This software is well known for its Analytics and Reporting. That allows businesses to generate insight, apply them and track them against goal.

Oracle BPM-

It was developed by a leading software firm. This software is best suited for large firm with complex BPM scenarios. It is noticed for it’s out of the box modeling and optimizing tools. Its best features are business rules and business architecture reports.


A decent observing and optimization tool should not add much weight to your system. So depending on this various tools the whole optimization of a company is done. Each software tools is well known for its various functions. It is widely rated on its performance basis.

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