CRM: An Overview of Zoho Tools

There are two helpful apps, Zoho Reports and Zoho campaigns. They are useful for business management purpose. These customer relationship management tools can help in managing all your reports and information’s in a particular place. Also helps in analyzing those data so that a better future for the business can be set. Various features of these two apps are discussed in details below.

Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management

Zoho Reports

Zoho Reports is a business tool used for convenient reporting. It is used by numbers of small businesses and large enterprises. It provides you with relevant and dynamic reports of all your business information. That too within short period without any help of technology. They are amazing tools. Helpful in online reporting and business intelligence concept for business. It manages all the works and reports within a few minutes and using only one software.

Features of Zoho Reports are:

Generate Comparative analysis report-

It allows you to get data from different sources. And combine them to form a comparative analysis report. It takes very less time to generate this report by using only a single software.

Security- Zoho Reports keeps your all financial data and information’s safe. Its security practices and rules keep your all records safe. Even while you are accessing your encrypted connection and backups.

Make sharing easy-

It allows your all employees to collaborate and make records. Also to share and analyze them through emails and forum.


You can use here a variety of different components. For example charts, pivot tables, etc, to make insightful reports.

Decision making-

You can do better decision making by sharing and developing reports.


You can embed your all reports and dashboards across any of the sites, applications, and blogs.

Zoho campaigns-

It is a business tool works like an email marketing software. Various businesses are using Zoho campaign for operating their email marketing. It is used because it manages the whole marketing processes with ease.

Features of Zoho are:

Easy Campaigning- It helps you to introduce your ideas and business on market very. You can send your message to your audience by using Zoho.

Syncing- Syncing can be done between Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns. Also, you can analyze your campaign result in CRM account by syncing.

Automatic- It allows you to send automatic emails to the audience. You can give more attention to your customers. Most important audience, and sales while importing and exporting of data and emails.

Analysis of campaign- You can guide and analyze your marketing effort. By combining all your social and email campaigns. Further, you can understand your setbacks and shortcomings. So you can get better on your future campaigns.

So, Zoho provides easiest methods and techniques to manage the business processes. In a very efficient way and also helps to analyze those data properly.

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